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Indigo Agriculture unites technology and bioscience to focus on the health of the natural world’s biome, changing the way crops are sustainably grown and harvested around the world.

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While they play in the same space as Monsanto and DuPont, Indigo’s methods are rooted in the natural resurrection of what’s been lost through generations of industrial farming practices rather than genetic modification.

One Design was enlisted to breathe life into the Indigo brand, clearly communicating value to the farming community while overcoming potential negative preconceptions of a skeptical public. Our messaging strategy, identity system and online platform were designed to position the company far away from “big agriculture,” holding true to Indigo’s unique philosophy and approach.

Designing & Brand

A striking balance

The team sought to break through the glut of earthy and whimsical brands that clutter the agricultural landscape, while simultaneously avoiding the corporate—often sterile—aesthetic common within biotech.

Honing in on the concept of “replacing what’s been lost,” we created a visual vocabulary that’s striking yet approachable, spirited yet focused, and familiar yet unexpected within the space.

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