The Idea

CEO Erik Beimfohr has a big sports background, which led him to an idea within the fantasy sports industry–a market with over 60 million people and growing. The idea was somewhat of a hybrid of the long draft season, and the daily player trading formats that currently exist. Erik set forth to create a company based on this idea.

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 The Challenge

Erik found Hashtag Developers after reaching out to 10 or so different development firms. He said he chose Hashtag Developers because he liked the firm’s proposal process–the custom format and information showed Erik that the team at Hashtag Developers had spent time talking about the project, and the company they were potentially being hired to build.

After Erik chose Hashtag Developers, the team set to work on Customer Development. Through this process, they uncovered a much larger need in the market–a messaging app for fantasy sports players. After discussing the possibilities, Erik and Hashtag Developers decided to build an MVP of the sports messaging app.

  Core Requirements

→ Logo and Branding

→ Real-time messaging capabilities

→  Private user to user messaging

→Twitter integration for real-time updates

→  RSS and Publication real-time integrations

→Public & Private league implementations

                           The MVP

Before building a huge product with a lot of functionality, the Hashtag Developers team worked with Erik to drill down into the core functions of the site in its first iteration. This saved Erik a lot of money–rather than trying to create a new type of fantasy sports application, which was a larger risk, had higher costs, and was confirmed by fewer people as a need in the market.

 In the MVP stage, the team worked together to determine what functionality would make it into this stage, which they called “the tailgate.” Hashtag Developers used open source chat software, and then worked together to prove the need for additional features before they were built.

Evolution of a Product 

The current iteration of Slurv is a fully-integrated messaging app for the fantasy

sports world. The company is in the proof of concept phase–with the ongoing help

of  hashtag developers . The product is now available on the public platform, but has also been

built out as a white-label solution, which is integrated into existing fantasy sports

platforms. This new integration is potentially game-changing for Slurv’s customer

acquisition and growth strategy.


The Product

Built for simplicity and ease of use, the highly functional Slurv app enables fantasy

players to easily communicate with one another rather than turning to traditional

forms of communication, such as text or email.



Threads are a place to have an open conversation. Threads can be created for a sport, a team or any topic you want to discuss. Threads are completely public to all league members.

Private Threads

Want to talk trash in private? Private threads are invite only and allow users to use all of the same tools but without the public openness.

Private Messages

Want to have a one-on-on conversation? All league members can have private conversations with all the functionality of Slurv.

Power up with Integrations

Connect all of your favorite feeds to get real-time udpates. Slurv allows users to subscribe to popular blogs, RSS feeds and Twitter users. Whenever something happens, you’ll get instant notifications to keep fantasy players alert and informed.


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